Patients & Visitors

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International Patient Specialists provide one-to-one assistance to patients and their families through;
• scheduling appointments
• airport pick-ups / transfers
• guidance through the hospital admissions process
• communication and coordination with health insurance providers
• travel and accommodation arrangements
• leisure and tourism arrangements
• interpreter and translation services
• air and ground ambulance services
• financial transactions
• discharge process
• follow-up care
• visa support

The patient or their doctor may contact us confidentially by phone, e-mail, or by using the form on our website, giving details of their condition and requirements.

We respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.

We generally require the patient’s complete medical history, along with any applicable x-ray films and laboratory test results. Our International Services Center will coordinate with the patient’s own medical advisor to provide the most appropriate service.

The patient’s data will be used rapidly to match your needs to the correct department(s) and specialist(s) at Turkiye Hospital. We then immediately send the patient a clear pricing estimate and schedule. The International Services Center arranges the patient’s medical appointments -including diagnostic and laboratory tests & procedures, with follow-up care (pre-op and post-op evaluation), assistance with hospital admission and discharges, as well as surgical procedures if necessary.

Our team works with patients to locate and arrange follow-up checks and treatment at the most appropriate medical centers in their home locations.

The International Services Center also arranges accommodation, airport transfer, assistance with payment procedures
at Turkiye Hospital, coordination with insurance providers, language interpretation, organization of local tours and excursions, and provides patients and their guests with a comprehensive range of care and back-up services.

The International Services Center addresses all our patients’ needs and concerns efficiently and in absolute confidence.

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