State of the art scientific equipment and techniques at Türkiye Hospital

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We are so passionate about keeping the health and welfare of those we serve at the heart of all we do.

As an organization based on defined principles and the highest ethical standards; Türkiye Hospital is guided by particular ideals, not only in the physical care of our patients and our concern for employees, but in terms of creating a spiritually enriching environment that challenges us to maintain and extend our mission of healing and care to patients from around the world.

That is why we are so passionate about keeping the health and welfare of those we serve at the heart of all we do. Guiding us in this mission are our healthcare partners, the Ihlas Foundation, my physician colleagues, together with recognized leaders in patient care throughout Turkey and the wider world.

Our Türkiye Hospital division started operations in 1994 as the integrated healthcare delivery component of Ihlas Foundation. It is a private healthcare institution committed to providing the best possible options for accurate and efficient diagnosis, and the team management of patient care.

Our multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis ensures a continuum of safe and high quality care for all our patients. We are strategically planning to build and strengthen services tailored to the needs of our communities. Planning and activity is not limited to direct services. They include systems, infrastructure and nurturing the culture to support those services. Türkiye Hospital’s mission is shaped by the basic value of ‘Care without Compromise’.

Our commitment to the integrity, comfort and well-being of the individual, and our conviction that commitment are essential to
the provision of the highest quality patient care, is what ensures that Türkiye Hospital and centers combine a rigorous maintenance of the most advanced technological and healthcare standards, with the most essential human elements of welcoming and caring for each and every patient from all around the world.



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