Patient Rights & Responsibilites

Dear Patients and Relatives,

Starting with the most senior management staff, every employee at Turkiye Hospital plays a role in supporting an implementing patient rights. Our employees are given training and information on patient rights to ensure that the values and beliefs of all our patients are protected.

We appreciate the fact that you have entrusted your wellbeing with us; likewise, we are fully and constantly aware of the responsibilities that fall on us, to justify that trust and ensure your confidence.

Prepared in compliance with the Turkish Ministry of Health’s Patient Rights Regulations and the US Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation Standards, it also serves to simplify the diagnosis and treatment process.

Türkiye Hospital’s facilitiy has been designed with patients in mind. As with all our patients, you can be assured you are in expert hands and in a comfortable and caring, clean and safe environment.

We are committed to offering patients and their accompanying persons a personalized, caring and Professional healthcare experience, supported by a multilingual team of trained professionals specifically tasked to guide and assist international patients throughout their diagnosis, treatment and follow-up processes at Türkiye Hospital facilitiy.