In our urology clinic, the diagnosis and treatment is carried out successfully for diseases that can be seen in women, men and children, and these services are provided with modern devices with advanced technology.

Diagnosis and treatment of diseases that are performed;

  • Within The Scope Of Uro-Oncology;
    • Greenlight Method
    • Prostate enlargement
    • Prostate cancer
    • Bladder tumors
    • Ovarian-testicular tumors
    • Kidney and adrenal gland tumors
  • Within The Scope Of Andrology;
    • Causes of infertility in men
    • Sexual function disorders
    • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Within The Scope Of Uro-Gynecology;
    • Urinary problems in women
    • Urinary incontinence
    • Bladder prolapse
  • Within The Scope Of Children's Urology;
    • Urinary tract abnormalities
    • Testicular problems, undescended testicles, swelling etc.
    • Enuresis
  • Within The Scope Of Neuro-Urology;
    • Bladder diseases of neurological origin
    • Urinary problems linked to strokes
  • Within The Scope Of Endourology;
    • Endoscopic examination of urinary tract and bladder diseases
    • Closed (endoscopic) prostate, bladder, urinary tract operations
    • Opening of urinary tract strictures
    • Kidney, bladder and urinary tract stones