Children between the ages of 0-14 are treated in our Department of Pediatrics. Our team of specialists on fields such as child psychology, nutrition and development provides services 24/7 during this important process that will affect the entire life of children.

Within the scope of services carried out in terms of child health, “Preventive Medicine” works are given great importance. Accordingly, in terms of the control of our children's future health problems, vaccination studies are carried out meticulously.

As child diseases and general health of children are closely related to the attitudes and behaviors of the mother, studies on the development of maternal awareness are also given importance. In line with the general strategy adopted by our hospital to contribute to public awareness, maternal education is placed at the forefront.

Within the scope of our unit's activities, expextant mothers and mothers are informed about both their own nutrition and the feeding of their babies. The value of breast milk, the importance of breastfeeding and its effects on children's health are explained in detail within the framework of the training provided to mothers and expectant mothers.

The services provided in these groups cover preventive vaccines, nutrition and general health issues.

Children's health services are provided in the following services depending on the pediatric outpatient clinic in our hospital:

  • Emergency Service
  • Vaccine Polyclinic
  • Neonatal Intensive Care