It is a specialty that requires a master's degree in obstetrics. It focuses on determining the risky situations during pregnancy and planning pregnancy follow-up and necessary treatment accordingly. In the Obstetrics Department of our hospital, you can get detailed information about risky pregnancy follow-up and treatments carried out by specialists in the field.

The most effective diagnostic method for follow-up and treatment of risky pregnancies is 2nd level detailed ultrasound scan. In the examination done between the 18-23 weeks of pregnancy where the organs of the unborn baby are displayed in detail; brain tissue, spine, skeletal system, face, lips, eyes, urogenital and gastrointestinal tract, placenta, umbilical cord, and cardiovascular system of the fetus are monitored. We provide service with our 2nd level detailed ultrasonography device where pre-diagnosis of chromosome diseases such as Down syndrome can be made. 

In risky pregnancies where the high technology imaging and analysis results are evaluated with the experience of our perinatologist doctors, our most important goal is to manage a healthy pregnancy process for the mother and baby.