Quality Policies

As management, our goal is to plan and implement the necessary activities in order to continuously improve and advance the quality management system.

Our general principle in the service process is to keep patient satisfaction at the highest level based on being patient-oriented. Our goal is to follow technological and scientific developments closely and to include them in the service process, thus increasing the quality of health service continuously.

By trying to meet the expectations and demands of our patients, suppliers and employees at the highest level, it provides them with an environment in which they trust.

Providing quality service since the first day we started providing health services, our goal is to constantly support our health workers with trainings in order to improve them, contributing to their development and ensuring that they participate effectively in the improvement processes.

Creating qualified manpower capacity as an important consideration in all health service delivery areas of our hospital, our goal is to provide services in a professional manner.

Our goal is to maintain the complete continuity of patient and employee safety services within the framework of honesty, leadership, excellence, safety, timeliness and fairness in order to have national and international accreditation certificates.

With all the services offered in our hospital and their process management approach, our goal is to be successful and advance in Quality Standards evaluations of the Ministry of Health.