Dermatology department, all skin, hair and venereal diseases, burning, injury, such as acute problems and treatments are performed. Contemporary techniques are applied in the treatment of aesthetic problems in the skin.

Children's skin diseases, Nail Treatment, Hair Growth, Rash Diseases, Acne, Peeling, Mesotherapy, cellulite treatment and mesolift applications, a unique knowledge and expertise with botox application is carried out successfully in our clinic. We also offer permanent solutions to armpit sweating with laser lipolysis.

Procedures performed in our clinic;

  • Male and female hair loss treatments
  • Treatment of ingrown nails in nail diseases
  • Acne treatment and acne scars treatment
  • Blemish therapy (exfoliating mesotherapy with laser combination)
  • Mole control and surgical treatment (evaluation with Dermatoscopy device)
  • Facial and Hair PRP operations
  • Treatment of wrinkles and sweating with Botox
  • Treatment of warts and calluses with cryotherapy
  • Laser (Erbium Fat Nd fat laser) treatment of enlarged veins and varicose veins in spots, wrinkles, sagging, cracks, surgery scars, burn scars and acne scars
  • IncontiLase Treatment of Urinary Incontinence