Intensive Care Unit

Intensive care is the diagnosis and treatment process applied after the disruption of body functions due to temporary deterioration and/or failure of the functions of one or more organs of a patient and the general definition of all activities in this process.

The patient remains in intensive care until the cause of insufficient organ or organ dysfunction disappears, and sometimes the patient may need a lifelong support unit. In the last case, the patient remains in a situation of maintaining their life by continuing home care and treatment in intensive care units or with the help of Home-type life support units. For this reason, intensive care units are specially equipped units that are deployed in the hospital, with their own unique functioning and rules. These units are departments where doctors and nurses who use all kinds of devices and technologies provided by modern medicine and who have knowledge and skills for intensive care operate with a multidisciplinary understanding and team spirit.

Our adult intensive care unit is extensive with its large and experienced staff, 15 beds capacity and extremely modern advanced devices, which are few in Turkey. One of these devices is a vital hemodiafiltration device. 25% of intensive care patients develop acute renal failure. Thanks to this device, it is very important to be able to serve patients who develop acute renal failure in intensive care. 

Sepsis, multiple organ failure patients are also treated continuously in our Intensive Care Unit.

Patients in need of intensive care support are as following:

  • Patients needing advanced life support after CPR,
  • Patients developing abrupt hypotension and hypoxia,
  • Patients with brain hemorrhage,
  • Patients having hemiplegia and hemiparesis,
  • Patiens having gone into respiratory failure,
  • Patients developing infarction and heart failure,
  • Patients with serious infection,
  • Poisonings that disrupt or are expected to disrupt vital functions,
  • Patients facing trauma to areas such as head, chest, abdomen,
  • Patients with diseases of the nervous system, such as myasthenia gravis, Guillian Barre,
  • Patients with multi-organ failure (for example patients who experience kidney failure and need dialysis) are defined as patients who have criteria for admission to intensive care.